07 November 2006

This is a forum where people can visit to learn and share their experiences of the jobmarket. As the world gets smaller with global competition right at our doorstep, you will need to develop new essential skills and techniques in order to compete. Your competition is no longer your next door neighbour but millions of highly educated and qualified graduates from around the world.

But do not despair, with the insight knowledge you will gain from visiting this site i am hoping it will empower you to take charge of your career and ultimately your destiny.

I will welcome all feedback, comments and any additional material which any viewer may see as benefiting other people with intention of learning about improving their lives and careers.

I will ofcourse aim to update this site as regularly as possible, so please remember to come back.

In addition, you will find useful links that offer amazing services, so take advantage of these opportunities.

Look forward to hearing your success stories.




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