04 April 2007

How To Avoid Being Made Redundant In Your Job

It is fair to say in today's society that at some point in your working life you could be faced with the prospect of being made redundant in your job. With globalisation and companies looking to outsource services to developing countries to cut costs and maintain profits, working in the 21st century jobmarket is going to be difficult and extremely competitive.

However, if you are smart there are lots of things you can do to improve your chances of keeping your job longer than most of your peers. There are generally 3 kinds of jobs, they fall under the heading of administrative, technical and sales. If your role comes under the banner of the first two, then your position is certainly more precarious than someone whose job is more salesy or has a sales edge to it. The reason why is that most companies usually outsource the first two roles, after all why pay someone £1000.00 to do up a website for you when you could equally pay just as good if not better designer overseas £100.00. But when it comes to the communication of your business you need people on the ground, in the country of origin to sell your goods, to communicate your services and products and so on, so you run less of a risk.

A good friend of mine told me that within his company, people were being made redundant to cut cost as the business was looking to go in a new direction at the time, everyone was so worried about lossing their job as well as my friend. In the end, it happened that all the administrative staff were layed off from their jobs. Most of the sales people kept their jobs as the business person is thinking if i am to grow my business i need to keep the people who can generate revenue, we can do without admin for now, we will just have to chip in and do all the admin ourselves, this must have been going through the mind of the Director.

So how can you keep your job if you work in technical or admin, and by the way just because you work in sales does not make you impregnable but certainly you do have a better chance of keeping your job especially if you are doing good sales. As an admin or technical person, you essentially have to find a sales dimension to your role, it has been said so many times in many books about the fact that we are all sales people, at the end of the day when you attended your job interview you had to sell your skills, your experience and so on, so why stop thinking like a sales person, if you do stop, then you run the risk of being booted out first when the redundancy rounds begin to take place.

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