03 April 2007

The Power of Words

Alvin Day in his best selling book: 'If caterpillars can fly, so can i,' he describes words as the raw material of life. And this is so true, it is really the magic if there is any behind instant success, massive transformation and confidence in yourself, receiving the adoration of your peers, the weapon for defeating the enemy, the ingredients to making you happy, it is human natures leveller, capable of allowing you to change your life beyond your wildest imaginations.

It was with amazement i learnt that the late great American president, Abraham Lincoln, only had 12 months education in his entire life, yet he rose to become the 16th president of the United States, the most powerful nation in the world. Sir Winston Churchill, perhaps Britains greatest ever leader, for most of his early political life was ignored from the arena. Malcolm X too who most regard as an excellent orator was for the early parts of his life lost in his ways with no direction and faced racism at school. Mark Twain, who had a very difficult childhood is today revered as one of America's greatest ever literary writers.

So what do all the people above share in common? And what was responsible for their transformation from unknown obscurity to public icon? Well, it was simply their sheer desire for knowledge, it was undeniably insatiable. In the case of Malcolm X by the time he left prison to begin his quest as a crusader he devoured works by Shakespeare, and also the English Dictionary word for word, as well as the Koran. His level of diction and the inextricably linked confidence that proceeds such act enabled him to be catapulted as leader of men most of whom would have had far superior academic backgrounds. In the case of Abraham Lincoln, he was devoted to verse, not only did he memorise and repeat most of Shakespeare's work but he made notes and wrote essays about them. Some of his speeches are indelibly etched in the minds of most Americans, especially of the older generation. His speech delivered at Gettysburg is so surreal that it has found a fitting place at Oxford University.

Now this level of transformation does not only occur to people with difficult starts in life, the likes of Sir Winston Churchill and Woodrow Wilson were by academic standards very educated men, but what set them apart was their language, their command of the english language which is my entire point. Ted Nicholas who is regarded as the $4 Billion dollar man because of the amount of products he has sold and marketed for his clients through the years wrote in his best selling book 'how to turn words into money' he said: 'words, not numbers, is the true currency of business.' You see Ted Nicholas understood the power of words and as a result he is today seen as one of the most successful copywriters ever to grace this earth. So what am i saying? Basically, if you wish to get ahead in your job or career, perhaps you did not get a good start in your life do not worry about it, you can really get ahead of your peers as most people once they have completed formal training usually stop at thatpoint and this is where you can catch up and in most cases surpass them as we have seen from some of the names mentioned above. These people rose from the depths of their failings to become world famous, respected, loved, and very successful in the process.

Ultimate power and confidence as well as success in life will come once you begin to realise the importance of self-training, continuos education which is the pre-requisite for high achievement. I urge you to take this advice on board as I have seen the improvements occur to me personally in terms of my confidence massively improving, as well as seeing similar magical effects in other people.

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See you soon.

Femi Yusoof


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