18 January 2007

Use the “HIRE” rule to Win Your Dream Job

‘HIRE’ follows on from the rule of the 3 P’s. In order to have a successful conversation with another person, especially in an interview situation you need to apply the following:

Hear – The art of all successful conversation begins with first being able to hear the person who is talking to you

Interpret – This is the point at where you begin your analysis of what is being said, you need to first hear, and then interpret what is being said

Evaluate – This actually comes next in the sequence, after you have analysed the information, you must evaluate, it is at this point you begin to consider your response or answer.

Respond – The final part in the processing of the information is where you respond in kindness to the information given, by combining this with the 3 P’s you give yourself a far greater chance of obtaining your dream job. Essentially it comes down being polite, patient and persistence.

Femi Yusoof


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