05 January 2007

How To Ask The Right Questions in an Interview

It has been said that success is 10% technical and 90% people skills. Therefore, if you are looking to secure your dream job you must aim to give yourself the best chance amongst the huge competition.

So how do you give yourself the best chance? Well, first of all, you need to build rapport (this was discussed in an earlier teleconference) and to do this requires that you talk and ask questions.

You must realise that the interviewer does not care much about what you expect as opposed to what you might inspect, doing this means you are working with human relations. Why? When you are expecting, it conjures desires about me, I, mine etc… And this is not building rapport. With all matters in life, it is about timing, you need to build rapport first before you discuss matters pertinent to you.

For Example,

Suppose you are a mother or father with children, and you are interviewing potential nannies that could help in looking after your kids.

First Nanny:
He/She discusses and reacts to all and everything about what they want, i.e. money, how much they would expect to get paid for the job, the size of the room they would expect to sleep in if you desire they live-in, time for themselves to relax, also time to go out for socialising. Would you offer them the job?

Second Nanny:
He/She looks to find out about you and the family, your kids, what the kids like to eat, what the kids like to wear and their favourite TV program etc… Would you offer them the job?

I know whom I would offer the job, and I am sure most if not all would offer the job to the second nanny, why? Because they have shown to understand human relations and have applied it by discussing you and your family and NOT I, me and mine.

Can you see the difference? Though quite simplistic in many ways when you concentrate on the person/company you are given the information needed to ask the right questions and this allows you to separate yourself from the rest of the bunch, meaning you are more closer to securing your dream job.



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