06 April 2007

How To Gain Admiration From Your Employer

Whether you like it or not if you wish to gain promotion in your job or career you need to develop good relations with your manager or boss, as you might have read in books on the subject of job interviews when it comes to hiring someone for a job people tend to hire people that are like them or similar, it is just human nature. We tend to gravitate to individuals who like the things we like. It is the same theory that applies for when seeking a promotion or even a pay rise. So how can you gain the admiration and respect of your peers as well as your employer? Well i would like to share with you a story that dates back to more than a century ago, from this you will discover what every employer today in the 21st century is searching for and how you too can reach the top.

The story was compiled by Elbert Hubbard in 1899 and it tells the true story of when war broke out between the USA and Spain at the time, it was important to get a message to the leader of the insurgents - Garcia - who was in the vastness of the Cuban mountains. There was no other form of communication so the President had to find someone who could deliver this message. It was suggested to the President that a man by the name of Rowan should be given the task if no one else will go, so he was given the letter which he placed inside his oil skinned pouch and off he went. After 4 days he landed onto an unknown territory, the Cuban coast, before disappearing off to locate Garcia in the jungle. In 3 weeks Rowan had completed his mission, having traversed a very difficult terrain and ultimately delivering the message which he was sent. The main point from the story is that when Rowan was handed the assignment, he did not ask how will he find Garcia out in the forrest, or how, or why, or what if and so on, you get the picture, Rowan went ahead determind to deliver anyhow possible. And so the moral of the story is that it is not instructions that people need but a stiffening of the vertebrae, which will cause them to be loyal, trustworthy, committed to the cause, concentration and in all do the thing that you have been asked to do, this is why the story is today referred to as 'a message to Garcia', and the question is therefore for you, are you able to deliver a message to Garcia, no questions asked?

You see most people in the workplace when given an assignment or task they focus on all the reasons which might make the task a non starter, they moan about all sorts, they complain or find something to complain about, or ask silly questions, i do actually believe in asking questions but it is how you ask the questions that it is important, by focusing on the positives and having a determination about getting the job done you are far more likely to get the support and respect of your boss or manager and hence the admiration of people in the workplace. The reason is there are few people in the world today who can deliver a 'message to Garcia' and if you are one of the few who when given an assignment does not look for ways to escape from their duties, not faking illness just to have the work passed onto someone else, not arguing unnecessarily because you feel hard done by, but remaining positive there is no doubt in a short space of time you will find yourself being admired by people not only in your workplace but in society at large as every city and community needs a person that can and will deliver a 'message to Garcia'.

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