28 June 2007

How To Retain Your Interviewer's Interest In You

I have often heard that when attending a job interview you stand more chance of being selected if you are seen first and even more of a chance if last in the queue, maybe there is some scientific proof to this or not you can throw all logic and science out of the window by following a simple tip.

And you do not have to look far to discover the secret to maintaining the interest of your interviewer. This technique could be applied to any situation infact whether a job interview, career move up the ladder of power or in a business setting or meeting.

If you like sport and particularly football, you will be aware of the football star David Bechkham and his move away from the Bernabeu in Madrid, Spain. After 4 relatively mediocre years his club had finally clinched the laliga in Spain they coveted so much. However, not after a few problems with team selection and in particular David Beckham who had been omitted by the club coach for various reasons. In the end, he was brought back and it argued that decision to being DB back into team almost single-handedly turned their season around. So why was one of the famous footballers on the planet and merchandising giants of the game unwilling to stay any longer in a country he had fallen in love with..The answer is rather simplistic in many ways but is the key to enabling that in an interview scenario you retain the interest of the interviewer. Essentially, DB had decided to leave as the club appeared to have lost its enhusiasm for him and therefore were not so keen on him, they did not want him enough, if they had shown the kind of enthusiasm and wanting him enough attidtude at an earlier stage it is perceived by most that DB would decided to a bit longer, now no one would never know for sure, but what you cannot argue with is that it certainly made his decision to move much much easier. After all, why should he stay where he is not wanted.

This is the same thought that should be running through your thoughts when you go for an interview, besides your technical ability and interpersonal skills, the big question you need to ask yourself is, do you want it BAD enough? If yes, i can almost assure you that if you have ticked the other boxes on the employers list you will are highly likely to be offered the job way ahead of any competition. You see companies are not only looking for technically gifted and great communicators to drive their businesses forward but more so is the willingness on the part of you the interviewee and whether you desire it enough. Now enthusiasm might be said by some as being difficult to measure or determine in a person, i do not agree, you can display your enthusiasm through your body language, baring in mind your body convays more information of what is being said and your words far less. At the end of the day, if you really want this great position or job you need to go into that interview room believeing (without begging) that you are the best person for the role and so let it show that you want it more than anyone else they might be planning to see now or in the future.

Dale Carnegie said it best, authour of international bestseller: How To Win Friends and Influence People, he said: "The depth of your desire will determine the swiftness of your progress and success". It is true for your career as well as in business.

Femi Yusoof