27 March 2012

Think Like A Politician And Land Yourself Your Dream Job!

Finding a job these days has become as tough as looking for a needle in a haystack! Certainly not getting easier according to the various commentators out there, recent unemployment figures in the UK are now at record levels, 2.77 million or 8.4% according to the office for national statistics (ONS), with a rise by 28,000 to the month of January 2012. And so for this reason, it is important that we constantly be looking for ideas, tips and solutions for finding employment.

A recent tv programme which was aired on a UK terrestrial channel and hosted by the journalist Tom Bradby had a number of panelist talking about issues and matters of interest from the riots in London which took place in August of 2011, cash for access to ministers and to the increasing interests in reality tv shows which supposedly propagate 'instant fame' and 'overnight success'.

It was the comment from one of the panelist, current MP and Foreign secretary, William Hague, on the topic of people seeking or aspiring for fame and success my attention, he basically suggested success in any walk of life comes down to sheer hard work. There was a general consensus from the rest of the panelist, however, more importantly, he compared his own journey and those who have risen to the top in politics and that indeed in most professions if not all, people had achieved a high status due to being 'well rounded'. So not only could they communicate or present, they could digest and interpret complicated and lengthy policy documentation as well as having an ability to engage with members of their local community and beyond.

Well, not everyone is likely to believe or agree that all politicians are gifted when it comes to connecting and communicating effectively with their local community or its constituent. However, by and large most are able to carry out the multi - dimensional nature of their jobs. And so for anyone looking for work or approaching employers or job agencies, you need to first be able to present yourself as a specialist in your field in addition, and importantly be able to come across as having a broader set of skills that sets you apart from your competitors.

It is no wonder despite what we may think of our politicians that they are able to take on new roles or a new job at the drop of a hat. The world is looking for rounded people, ofcourse you need to specialise, and that should be your focus in developing your specialism. But with ever increasing competition for jobs we all need to differentiate ourselves to a small or large extent dependent on the industry. And so for this reason, when it comes to applying for a job we would do ourselves no harm by thinking like a politician!

Femi Yusoof


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