08 January 2007

The Magic of 3 P’s

The 3 P’s are a very important tool to have in your locker when dealing with people in business, relationships and in your career. It can be the difference in living the dream lifestyle you crave and deserve.

In Bob Burg’s amazing bestseller – “Winning Without Intimidation” he describes this communication tool as essential in being able to disarm the most difficult opponent and also capable of enabling you to win at the negotiable table.

The 3 P’s simply translates to being Polite, Patient and Persistence, applied in this combination can yield amazing results in conversation with people.

It’s subtle and yet most powerful to be applied in any scenario. The reason is because again as mentioned above if you are get what you want from a conversation with another person, especially a potential employer, you need to apply the rule of being polite, you need to be apply the rule of being patient and last but not least you need to be persistence.

When applied in this order it shows that you are doing what experts say you must do while having a conversation with people and that is to listen, when you listen you are more likely to respond as opposed to react.

Responding delivers a positive message, whilst reacting delivers a negative message.

For example,

When you go to your GP to discuss the outcome of the medication that had been prescribed to you, your GP will usually say something positive if the medicine has worked, e.g. You have responded well to the medication.

On the other hand, if the medication did not work or worse caused a negative result, your GP would say that, you have reacted poorly to the medication.

So, remember to be polite, patient and persistence and you will find yourself responding against reacting and be on your way to securing your ultimate dream job.

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