09 April 2007

Every Disapointment Carries The Seed Of An Equal Or Greater Benefit

I truly believe in that statement as i have seen it happen to me as well as many people including celebrities. It is a fact of life that we will all face some form of disapointment in our lives in one form or another. However, at the end of day you still need to carry on with your life. It is often stated that life is not about what you encounter, but how you respond. This is important as your response to a negative situation will ultimately determine your disposition, and your outer self and how you deal with people.

You need to do a reality check and be grateful for what you have, i sometimes wonder as people we are far less humble about what we have and spend time thinking negative thoughts, wasted energy on things which in the end can bring misery to your life. There is a saying: "I constantly complained about my shoes until i saw the man with no feet." Who would you rather be? The man without shoes and no feet or the person possessing both?

You will discover whether in your career, business or life in general that there will be tough times and you just have to be strong, perhaps easier said than done, but also it is said: "Tough times never last, tough people do." I have a dear friend of mine who a few years ago now was unable come to the United Kingdom for a number of reasons he was extremely disappointed as he had the opportunity to study at Cambridge University, he is a brilliant medic in my opinion, a genius of a man, but somehow his plans were thwarted. For most people, they would have cursed heaven and earth and whatever was in between thinking all negative thoughts in the process. But my friend remained steadfast in his desire to continue his studies in the west, in the end, he ended up obtaining a place at a University in the US where he is now on course to completing his course in medicine. I understand today he is highly sort too, by some of the most prestigious hospital in America. So you see, when one door shuts it just means a new and previously unknown door is about to be opened for you.

I have another friend who lost his job after serving almost 7 long years to the same company, he was made redundant less than a month prior to his wedding. As you can imagine one of the most important times in anyone's life, to then be faced with redundancy, how would you have dealt with such news? Ofcourse, devastated, but this friend of mine went ahead with the wedding which turned out to be a great success, and has since gone on to doubling his salary within less than 5 years of leaving the company with greater responsibilty after not having a pay rise in the 5 years previous!

What about some of the famous people me and you know of, people like JK Rowling, apparently she was turned down 12 times before one publisher finally decided to take on her Harry Potter books, which today has become simply a phenomenon. Also, the famous KFC chicken food place, establsihed by Colonel Sanders at age 66, more than 2000 restaurants turned down his idea, and today there is hardly a major town in the country without the KFC sign. Even the billionaire Sir Richard Branson, did you know that most of his businesses actually fail, but due to his vast stream of businesses the few that succeed compensate for those that are not doing so well. And if you were to study most of the successful people on the planet you will see that they have all failed at some point in their lives and indeed continue to fail but what is endurant is their will to win. It is like they are saying to those who say no, fine - i love it when you tell me NO, i will show you - and so being made redundant in your job, failing in your business or whatever it might be should not be taken with disgust and hate for your employer or government, one just has to look upon it as part of life, it is part of your development and it will only make you stronger and more wise as a person.

Follow these tips and you too will soon be telling of your own very successful story. Won't that be nice?

Wishing you every success. Never give up.

Femi Yusoof


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