12 January 2007

How To Smartly Convince People

Did you know that you can get your colleagues or previous employer(s) to help in securing your dream job? How you might ask, well, when next you are in an interview and have to convince a prospective employer about your skills and ability you might just find this tip invaluable..

It is a simple technique that could apply to any area of your life, in your personal, business or in your career. For example, lets say you are being interviewed for a job as a Technical Writer with a large software house in the city.

Your prospective employer might ask you:

“What skills can you bring to our company?”

Don't just try and run down platitudes down the interviewer's throat, or try and argue your way which is what most people try and do. Instead:

You can respond by simply saying that:

“I believe I am the right person for this job, I have the experience, I am a certified technical writer with the ISTC (Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators), In addition, in my previous job my employer constantly praised my work as it helped in dramatically reducing the amount of phone calls to our helpdesk. After 6 months of joining, I was offered a much senior position!”

Now how does that sound? You have done 2 things, you have re-affirmed your confidence in your own ability and also backed it up by using 3rd party referral, speaking in third persons i.e. using your employer to boost your credibility.

People amazingly are more likely to believe you if you use 3rd party referrals or speak through 3rd persons, as opposed to relying on just what you have to say about yourself. Why? Following on from the theme above, you are more likely to build rapport, probity or integrity when you talk in the 3rd person, and not talking about I, mine, me. It is just human nature.

However, there will come a time during the interview when you can talk about yourself, it's about being smart and remembering how human nature works.

So in order to add weight to your arguments or convince someone, always remember to use this technique. It can definitely increase your chances of success.

See you next time.

Femi Yusoof


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