17 August 2009

The Most Important Quality Sort By Every Employer

At a recent presentation on employability skills (which essentially examines the personal qualities that helps an individual to maintain his/her employment once secured) the question was asked 'what is the most important quality sort by every employer?.' Now without question there will be a number of qualities that each employer searches for when recruiting a candidate for a specific position, some of these will include, strong work ethic, honesty, time keeping, drive, presentation skills, technical skills, persistence, communication and so on i could go on listing a number of superlatives that we have all used to describe ourselves at one time or another.

However, there is perhaps one quality that stands head and shoulders above all those listed above, and this was further cemented after a discussion with a colleague of mine who had experienced some difficulties in his life but despite the odds had got his life back on track and is now doing extremely well in his job. It is also a quality that i have noticed has been responsible for the successes of all the successful people i have read and studied from Dave Allen, Richard Branson, Billy Graham, Donald Trump and so many countless others.

So what is it you ask, nothing new and certainly you will have heard it mentioned so many times in the past. The quality is your 'attitude' yes your attitude, often this is what leads to somebody else securing a job instead of you. You might say how do we measure this quality after all i cannot imagine anyone having the words 'bad attitude' written across their forehead and so one of the ways this will be displayed will be in your body language and also in your spoken word, but moreso in the former. Alan Pease, the Australian body language expert and motivational speaker goes into a lot of depth on this subject so if it is an area of interest to you i will suggest picking up one his many international bestsellers on amazon.

After all is said and done, it is your attitude that will determine how far you go in life, another Australian by coincedence, Christopher Howard, describes this as 'meaning' in that the meaning we attach to the way a person speaks or looks at us can alter our attitude and consequently our behaviour. And so this is an area which a lot of people find difficult to control reason why we need to keep working on our attitude because like the saying goes - 'your attitude will govern your altitude'.

Until next time,

Femi Yusoof


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